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Academic Super Bowl

On Tuesday, April 19th, Mishawaka High School hosted and competed in the annual Academic Super Bowl Regional competition. There were six teams, including LaVille (Class 4); Bremen, Rochester, and Tippecanoe Valley (Class 3); and Mishawaka and Penn (Class 1). The classes are based upon the size of the schools, with Class 1 being the largest, and each school competing against other schools of the same class. The regional competition is what determines the state qualifiers and Penn had two teams qualify this year.

For those of you who may be unaware, Academic Super Bowl works like this: students are grouped at a table in the disciplines they have been studying. The disciplines are English, Fine Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and Interdisciplinary, which is made up of students from the other disciplines. The students are given 25 questions fashioned in a multiple choice test, and they have 20 seconds to discuss and answer each question after they have been read. There can be up to three students competing for each round. After the twelfth question, substitutions can be made for two of three students, but the captain has to stay in for all twenty-five questions. The competition has a theme, and it switches every year between a United States and world theme. This year was Hoosier Heritage and next year is the French Revolution. There are coaches for each discipline (Ms. Stillson for English, Mrs. Yoder and Ms. Stillson for Fine Arts, Mr. Hahn and Ms. Brummett for Science, Mr. Ferro for math, and Mr. Steinkellner for Social Studies).

If Academic Super Bowl sounds interesting to you, the different subjects have call-outs from November to January next school year. They are always looking for new members! Congrats to the team on a great season and good luck on seasons to come!

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