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An Enchanted Evening

Mishawaka High School’s (MHS) 2018 prom was on May 12. It was held at the Fraternal Order of Police (F.O.P).

Ambrosia Bell, a MHS senior, is an active member of the prom committee. The committee is in charge of the music, decorating, and organizing the prom. “The theme for this year is enchanted garden,” Bell said. This is first time this theme has been used. The theme included backdrops of a forest which was used for photos taken by Contemporary Images Photography.

There was some trouble choosing a theme this year. Some prom committee members did not agree with the theme. The opposing theme idea was ‘Heavenly Mystery.’ After some debate, the committee chose the final theme.

MHS students busted out their dance moves last Saturday night. Crowds formed as the music played. Junior Bethany Walker, “I thought the music that was played was really good.” The DJ played todays hits along with some older ‘throwbacks.’ Students were able to request songs to be played.

Walker said, “I had the time of my life at prom, it was so much fun!”

Mishawaka Police Department (MPD) gave a presentation to MHS students two weeks before prom. The presentation informed and stressed the importance of having a safe prom. It gained awareness of drunk and distracted driving. MPD Officer Bruce Faltynski said, “Everybody is racing around town to be on time for dinner and they’re texting friends while doing this which make for a very dangerous situation. Teens are more likely to drive while drunk or high [on] prom night which is hazardous to themselves, their friends, and other drivers.”

MPD was very prepared for prom night. They had multiple officers at the event along with extra officers on the road looking out for drunk and distracted drivers. Officers were also stationed at popular restaurants, such as IHOP and Steak n’ Shake, for after prom. “We don’t want restaurants to get out of hand due to bar goers and teens just getting out of prom,” Faltynski said.

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