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Annual Fundraisers

It’s that time of the year again, Christmas Time! This means that the choir department is hosting its annual Christmas fundraiser. Every year the choir does this fundraiser and the funds go toward a senior choir scholarship and toward other upcoming concerts as well. Some items that are being sold are evergreens which include wreaths, garland, decorative reindeer, snowflake bows and more! Also being sold are different varieties of snacks and tasty foods from cookies and candy to cheese dips and even pizza! There are even some unique foods like oreo churros and caramel pecan cookie buns. Most people get excited about all the different kinds of candy.

Another fundraiser that is happening right now is the 1st Annual Science Olympiad Poinsettia Fundraiser. There are five different colors to chose from including, red, marble, pink, white and “jingle bell”! The poinsettias are provided by Varner’s Greenhouse in Niles, MI. A single plant that is a six and a half inch pot, with red foil is 10 dollars, a double plant that is a seven and a half inch pot, with silver foil is 15 dollars and a triple plant that is a eight and a half inch pot, with green foil is 20 dollars. The money raised will go toward transportation and competition fees.

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