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Apple Changes the Phone Race?

Apple may change the way we look at flagship smartphones with its newest edition to the Apple iPhone lineup, the iPhone SE. In recent years it has been every smartphone manufacturers goal to make the thinnest and fastest smartphone possible, usually doing this by compromising battery life and sturdiness. The SE, supposedly already available in some chinese markets, is a redesign of the iPhone 5/5S model smartphone with some much needed hardware improvements under the hood. Coming in at 4 inches, the little guy may have the 64 bit A9 chip, 3D touch, and Apple Pay functionality, making it about as powerful as the iPhone 6s we already know well. The smaller form factor will make it the cheapest iPhone that Apple will carry. By avoiding making the phone as thin as possible and cramming in new parts they can lower the price to appeal to a larger audience than they have in recent years. In prior years the buying increase went from 28% two years ago down to a measly 6% this past year. Along with this new phone it’s possible that they will be announcing a new iPad and Apple Watch version 2.

Although the speculations of the iPhone 7 missing the 3.5mm audio jack or even the iPhone 7 at all is unlikely to be brought up this Monday with nothing hinting at it on their website or in any interviews. However, if this is something that interests you, perhaps your phone is getting too large to the point where it is almost an inconvenience to hold and carry and or you want to be up to date packing the newest Apple products, check out the Apple ‘Let Us Loop You In’ Event on Monday, March 21st at 10 A.M. PT. Sadly you’ll only be able to watch this on Apple products running IOS 7, OS X 10.8.5. or later, in the safari browser, or for the rare Windows users running Windows 10, you will be able to use the Windows Edge browser.

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