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Are "Devious Licks" Really Worth It?

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Among other local and national high schools, Mishawaka has been facing the challenges of students participating in a new TikTok challenge called the “Devious Lick”. In this trend, students are encouraged to steal various items from their school. With this trend wreaking havoc on many schools around the country, most MHS bathrooms are left vandalized and without basic items.

At MHS, more than fifteen soap dispensers have had to be replaced, along with multiple classroom items. Majority of the damage is apparently located in the boys bathrooms.

Chad Brugh, MHS Associate Principal stated, “This challenge has required a lot of time and effort from our custodial staff, teachers, and administrative staff. This has also cost the school and the corporation money to replace broken and stolen equipment.”

All School City of Mishawaka parents and students are required to follow SCM’s Code of Conduct In Mishawaka’s Parent Student Handbook, both theft and destruction of school property are categorized as a level four disruptive behaviour, “The following misconduct constitutes grounds for suspension or expulsion… Causing or attempting to cause damage to school property, stealing or attempting to steal school property. ”

“Consequences range anywhere from suspensions to criminal charges. Students are also responsible for restitution if school property is damaged,” Brugh explained further.

As a solution to the problem of vandalism, a few new protocols have been enacted at MHS, including cell phones being prohibited in class, all students require a pass and to leave their phone on their desk when leaving class for the restroom. Principal John Ross released a statement with further instruction for students and teachers on September 15th, stating:

“- When students are given bathroom breaks during class they must leave their phones in the classroom until they return.

-Teachers are keeping track of when students leave/return to the classroom.

-Students must have a hallway pass anytime they are going from one place to another.

- Increased bathroom checks are being done by our hall monitors.”

It is being considered that restrooms with lockable doors may be locked off and inaccessible if behaviour continues.

Brugh confirmed, “We are confident that the rules we have placed will help with the issue. Next steps would be determined and developed by any trends we see moving forward."

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