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Are Mishawaka teachers being exiled?

Most seniors have wondered at some point in time something that underclassmen may not have realized yet. That is, why are some teachers so far away from their respective departments? For example, Ms. Dolembo, a math teacher is on the east side of the building among the English teachers. Another example is Mrs. McCool, an English teacher who is on the exact opposite side of the building between the math and science departments. Mr. Ross shared some information on this.

According to Mr. Ross, a few years ago Mishawaka High School tried to start up a program where all of the freshman were on one side of the building, and the sophomores, juniors, and seniors had classes in the rest of the building. This program consequentially moved some teachers out of their departments. Additionally, this program was attempted in order to keep the freshman from having to traverse the main hallway, as well as keeping them from clogging it (which would help all of the other students get to class on time). While this program is no longer officially in effect, there are still remnants of it, with some teachers still out of place. While some of the science teachers don’t teach classes available to freshman, they are stuck in the freshman side of the building due to the classroom labs.

Finally, Mr. Ross stated that there was not any plan in place currently, or in the foreseeable future, to try and move any of the teachers in order to reunite them with their respective departments.

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