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Black History Month’s Biggest and Best Tributes

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Black History Month began in 1926 and has been celebrated every February since then, but the

ways of honoring and making tribute are ever-changing. This 2016, we had one of the most

exciting, headliner Black History Months America has seen in a long time.

This Black History month celebrated with the United States’ first black president for the last

time. However, President Obama made one of the most memorable moments of the entire month

on February 18th by inviting 106 year old Virginia McLaurin to the White House. Why is this

cool? Virginia was invited to escape the crowds and privately meet the President and First Lady

as thanks for her decades of charity work in Washington, D.C.. It may have been a private

meeting, but there were definitely cameras to catch Virginia’s pure joy as she introduced herself.

She expressed the importance of African American representation by being so happy that she

danced, at 106 years old. You can watch the heartwarming video at

Another one of the most awe-inspiring tributes to Black History month was performed at the

Super Bowl. Can you guess what it is? Yes, we’re talking about Beyoncé’s performance of

Formation at halftime. The song itself is anthem of pride to be an African American, stating

Beyoncé’s own personal self-love for her characteristics and lashing back against hurtful

stigmas. Not only that, but the performance itself paid tribute to the Black Panther Party, which

was a big part of America’s anti-discrimination movement as self-defense. Needless to say, even

if you aren’t a fan of the song, there’s still a lot you can learn from the intended message behind


Of course, there were innumerable notable things remembered and celebrated throughout

Black History Month that happened in the past year as well. One such example was Daymond

John, African American businessman and multi-millionaire, winning the national Hennessy

Award for giving back to the community. Another was Rihanna, pop singer, becoming the first

African American ambassador to the high fashion label Dior. It just goes to show that whilst

Black History Month is every February, media-crowned ‘black excellence’ happens every single


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