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Building the Bridge to Success

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

"Charlie McGarry and Cody Lambert competing in Air Trajectory"

On December 5th, the Science Olympiad team had their first competition of the season, an

invitational at Whiting High School. Our Mishawaka Cavemen had both their varsity and JV

teams compete. There was a total of twenty-four teams competing against each other from

nineteen different schools. The varsity team had a positive showing by earning medals in four

different categories. Zach Wheatley and David Milhander placed 2nd in Green Generation,

Sydney Jablonski and Nina Hernandez placed 5th in Write It Do It, Grace Carpenter and Christie

King placed 5th in Fossils, and Sean McGarry and David Milhander placed 5th in It’s About

Time. For many members of the team, this was their first competition ever. It was a new

experience for them since Science Olympiad is an academic team like no other. On his first

competition, Zach Wheatley says, “It was incredibly fun despite it being an academic

competition and I can’t wait for the next one”.

On January 9th, the team had their second invitational of the season at Valparaiso University.

For this competition, seventeen teams competed from thirteen different schools in the C division. Between both the varsity and JV teams, there was personal improvement. Charlie McGarry and Cody Lambert placed 2nd in Air Trajectory, Sebastian Slavinskas placed 2nd in Anatomy and Physiology, and Cassidy Parks and Sebastian placed 3rd in both Cell Biology and Write It Do It. With a win in Air Trajectory, Charlie said, “It feels good knowing my hard work paid off, and I’ll continue practicing in order to succeed.”

This Saturday, January 16, the Science Olympiad team will travel to Northridge for their final

invitational that will determine the member's placement for regionals. Wish them luck for this


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