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College Scholarships: Available, weird, and received

There are many scholarships Mishawaka High School students can receive, whether they are for $100 dollars or $20,000, just housing or the whole package, being a vegetarian or advocating beef. That’s right, you can get scholarships for being an advocate of beef, or even the opposite. Even if there seems to be no scholarships available for some people, there are many they just don’t know about. Know everything about zombie apocalypses? There’s a scholarship for that. Really into Pokemon? There’s a scholarship for that. There are scholarships for any and everything conceivable.

Although they are common and possibly not worth much, there are many scholarships provided by schools and organizations that students can easily obtain by talking with counselors, and they will add up. Some scholarships are for specific schools. These include Indiana Tech, Southwestern Michigan, and Purdue. Other scholarships are from organizations. These include WACE, Healthcare Leaders, America’s Farmers, and many more. One of the most famous organizational scholarships is the Lilly Endowment Scholarship, which offers four year, full tuition to Indiana students working towards a bachelor in any accredited colleges.

On the other hand, there are some very interesting scholarships accessible to all types of students. Many people, although possibly taboo, prep for the “upcoming” zombie apocalypse. If this seems to have no value, it could help some people receive a scholarship from Unigo, an online business set to help students with college. Advocating vegetarianism can earn a scholarship up to $10,000, while the B.E.E.F scholarship is also available for $1,000 if the applicant works in livestock. Even the lazy can receive a scholarship for just writing a letter to the number five, telling it why it is important. Nerds, here’s your chance for a $2,500 scholarship. All that is needed is 250 words or less about what superhero/supervillain you would want to trade places with for a day and why.

From Mishawaka, the only scholarship to be awarded is for St. Francis to Christie King, but many more awarded scholarships will be known in the spring. For more information about Mishawaka scholarships available, contact your counselor.

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