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Diving Into Tournament Time

Saturday, January 30, the boys’ swim team had their NIC meet. The team did well as star swimmers Ben Gabler and Michael Tuttle stood out for MHS. The end of the regular season is February 18th. With two wins under their belts, the boys will look to improve come tournament time! The boys have trained hard and worked for this moment all year.

Like the boys, the girls recently had their NIC meet, which was in January 16. The girls unfortunately did not come out on top, but they did however outswim Marian and Washington. The girls’ regular swimming season ended on January 21, however their sectionals are on February 4th and 6th at Riley.

Both the girls and the boys are ending their seasons with an abundance of bumps and bruises, but everyone agrees that the season went well. “The best part of the year was beating our PRs (personal records) and the amount we improved!” said junior Sidney Perkins. Junior Becca Byers adds by saying, “I’m so proud of all the girls and their accomplishments!”

Good luck to the boys and the girls with their upcoming sectionals. The school applauds the hard work and effort these swimmers put in!

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