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Dress to Impress?

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

The topic of dress code poses reoccurring issues in today’s schools. This issue brings up arguments between students, teachers, and even parents. Many students may see certain rules as degrading to their individuality. In our school, I believe there are a few problems that stem from what is considered modest in the eyes of administrators. I don’t think our teachers purposefully want to prohibit us from expressing ourselves, but prepare us for situations later in life where certain clothing is required to be worn.

Many try to argue whether administrators have the authority to determine what is considered appropriate attire. Whether it’s too tight of a shirt or too loose of bottoms, I believe administrators do have the power to make the call. I don’t think students realize the pressure put on our faculty to make wise decisions about student dress. We as students are responsible for making our school look presentable.

Do I think teachers are being unfair to students about what is acceptable or unacceptable to wear? No, but there are a few opinions I have about how much structure is needed in the dress code. Leggings, holes in jeans, plunging necklines, and sagging pants are just a few concerns addressed in our dress code. I don’t think any of the terms of the dress code are outrageous. However, I do think leggings with a fingertip length shirt or jeans with holes below the thigh are a little hard to come by. Unfortunately, times are changing and it’s hard to find clothes that fit what is required by schools dress codes.

Mishawaka High School students, be respectful of your body and wear what is required in the dress code. Have the opinions that you want, but don’t wear something that is going to be questionable to others.

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