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Drug Free is the Way to Be

The ‘high’ you get when using any drug, is only temporary; however, the lasting effects on one's brain from regular drug use is inevitable. A lot of adolescents nowadays see no harm in their drug use. Regular use of a drug, such as marijuana, can have effects on an individual's IQ as well as impair brain development. When teenagers, as young as the age of 14, become addicted to such a drug, as they age the wiring of their brain becomes corrupted. The toxic chemicals released into one’s body when using this drug is what effects the wiring process of brain development. Based off a study performed by the National Academy of Sciences- compared to nonusers, those who started using marijuana, from as early as the age of 14, have less brain volume/ gray matter in their orbitofrontal cortex. This would be the area in the front of the brain that drives decision making. The younger an individual begins using this drug, the more profound the effects on their brain there will be. According the the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a study was done to prove that using marijuana regularly can lower one’s IQ from anywhere between 5 to 8 points. An individual of average intelligence would be pushed down into the lower third of testers with this IQ drop.

Not only does a drug such as marijuana have effects on the brain, it also has effects elsewhere in the human body. Those who use this drug regularly are more likely to develop bronchitis and or lung infections, due to the toxic chemicals being released into the lungs when inhaled. THC, which is found in marijuana, can potentially damage one’s immune system therefore making them more vulnerable to illness. According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, regular use of marijuana can lead to mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. Also according to the NIDA, marijuana can reduce sperm production in males and can create havoc in a female’s menstrual cycle. Using this drug can also dismember one’s concentration, motor skills, and memory.

Those who see no harm with a drug such as marijuana are ignorant to that fact that it has no long term effect on their brain and their body. These facts are only few about the harm that is created by this drug. Protect your mental state and physical well being and simply stay drug free!

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