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EDD class returns from National Competition

The Mishawaka High School Engineering Design and Development team has returned after their Phoenix Contact Nanoline National Competition in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania this past Saturday. The EDD team, including Devin Jodway, Wesley Demonia, Jamison Sanders, Keegan Phillips, Correy Perrigo, Abbee Laplace, and Sammie Spencer, traveled to Pennsylvania by bus led Mr. Ben Modlin to face the eight other teams from around the country. They reported back with fourth place in the competition because of their tennis ball-launching machine. The first place winner was from the Warren Career Center in Indianapolis,

Indiana and the second place winner was from Benton Central Junior/Senior High School in Oxford, Indiana. Mishawaka finished in fourth place. Sammie Spencer, along with the whole team, concluded “our

region became very close to keeping the trophy in Indiana for the fourth year in a row.”

The Mishawaka team had previously contended at Purdue University in their regional event and was eligible to move on to the national competition.

The Engineering Design and Development team will continue to improve upon their tennis ball-launcher once it is shipped back to them from the competition. The machine is currently being displayed in honor of National Engineering Week.

This was the first time that Mishawaka High School has been involved in this race to work with the nanoline controller. Congratulations to the Engineering Design and Development team for working hard to showcase the high school!

EDD Class at Regional competition with regional champions trophy

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