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Fist Bump Fridays with MHS

On Friday, August 26th, Mishawaka High School kicked off their first “Fist Bump Friday,” with a visit to Beiger Elementary School. Around 40 students involved in fall sports, including: football, cheer, track and dance, all joined in lining up outside the elementary school’s doors, welcoming the kids inside.

The event was organized by Mishawaka High School’s Assistant Athletic Director, Sherry Keyser. Keyser stated,

“We [Mishawaka High School] are going to take a group of 46 student athletes…for the next few Fridays for every football game until the end of the season.”

The event stemmed from a college event, “High Five Friday,” which Keyser turned into School City of Mishawaka’s own “Fist Bump Friday.”

Keyser said, “I think this a great way for us to go visit the elementaries and interact with the elementary kids who look up to the high school kids.”

The high school students gathered near the Alumni Plaza to drive to Beiger Elementary School. The group split up to three different doors, where they all lined up and greeted the younger students walking into school, giving out fist bumps, high fives and warm greetings for the kids to start off their morning with a smile. When the elementary students started to stroll into school, they were met with lines of fall sports members ready to greet them with motivation to start their day off. Mishawaka High School Senior Dylan Piazzoni said,

“I thought it was fun. I think it definitely was cool for a few kids.”

Junior Cara Belle added,

“I thought it was pretty cool. I had fun. I feel like it helped brighten up the kids' day. A lot of them looked tired and/or sad, then their faces lit up when we did the fist-bumping.”

Mishawaka High School will continue to travel to the Mishawaka elementary schools every Friday to brighten up students’ mornings. The athletes plan to finish off with John Young Middle School in mid-October.

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