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French Honor Society Hails New Members

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Students of the French Honor Society along with Ms. Herman, far right.

​ On March 15, 2015, the French Honor Society (FHS) held its most recent induction ceremony to honor its students. A total of twenty-five students were celebrated and fifteen students were able to join the group. In order to be considered as a new member and remain in the FHS, students must have taken three semesters of French and maintained an average grade of an A- or higher. They must also have a B- average in all other subjects. They also have to write an essay explaining why the French language is important and how it can help them in the future in order to be admitted into the group.

Richard Baron of Canadian Consulate General, a network that supplies information to Canadians and Americans, spoke at the induction, announcing the names of the revered students.

During their time in the French Honor Society, members are required to participate in two community service projects per year and be an active participant in the French Club.

Ms. Herman, the head of the French Honor Society and French teacher at MHS, says, “Currently we are doing a candy sale to earn money for the food drive.” Participants of the FHS work in the December Food Drive. The next induction for this society will be March. The FHS will also participate in the April Relay for Life.​

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