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Girl’s Soccer Season Sets MHS Records

The girl’s soccer team -coached by Mr. Barwick- had a season truly worth getting excited about. They had a sixteen game season; to break it down further, the team had seven wins, ten losses, and two ties. After scouring through yearbooks to be certain, the dedicated coach can now proudly announce that this year’s team has set a school record for the outcome of their season!

The team made it sectionals, and whilst there, they beat Riley two to nothing, won against Clay three to nothing, but lost to the number one team in the state in the Championship.“We had a good season [with] dedicated, talented captains. They worked hard.” Coach Barwick assures. The team captains are Trista Roller, Cameron Schultheis, and Madison Campbell. Other seniors who will regrettably not be at Mishawaka High School for next season are Rachael Nagy and Irene Llado. Despite this loss of talented players, the coach remains confident for next season as well because the team has such a good returning core. When looking at the team’s season, this is evident. The team dynamic feels like family and bursts with mutual respect, which undoubtedly will help it continue to succeed. Team Captain Trista Roller says, “I love every one of these girls and the team wouldn't have been able to succeed without each and every one of them!”

Although documentation is scattered and difficult to locate, Coach Barwick believes that this past season contained even more broken records for Mishawaka High School. Trista Roller scored 15 goals during the season, a possible record. She modestly compliments her teammates when asked about her achievement: “In order for me to score they had to make those passes to me and have confidence that I would finish the shot to help our team.” In fact, the team as a whole also outdid itself, collecting a grand total of 31 goals. The assists, which piled up to 29, also did not escape Coach Barwick’s attentive pride in his team. Go Cavemen!

The Alltold’s advice? Attend a girl’s soccer game. The girls are on the rise, and odds are, you could be watching Mishawaka High School history being made.

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