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Girls’ Swimming Sectionals

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

The Mishawaka Girls Swim Team had sectionals on February 4th and 6th. The girls finished in 8th place with 77 points beating both Clay and Washington. Penn came in first with a total of 512 points, Riley in second, and St. Joe in third. Although the girls came in 8th they had improved a lot from last year, “Last year we had only two girls finish in individual events. This year we had 8 in the semi-finals. This was a tremendous improvement over last year. The team as a whole had 32 personal best times. That is awesome!” says Coach Buysse. Lillian Lundy really stood out from the team during sectionals. She was Mishawaka’s highest finisher, placing 8th in diving.

Buysse did mention however, that all the girls did do great, “Just to get into the top 16 in our sectionals is a big accomplishment. I believe all of the girls did an outstanding job representing MHS.” The whole team agreed that sectionals were exhilarating and a lot of fun. Gema Trincado-Pérez says, “It was exciting! Everyone was cheering and looking, there were so many schools!”

This isn’t the end for the swim team though! Throughout the rest of the year Buysse wants to start working on their goals for next year and review the progress they made throughout this season. The team will host two fundraisers coming up soon, as well as their Third Annual Elementary School Swim Camp. Sign-ups are on May 7th and the kids will start the classes on May 9th. Also, the team will have an Intro to Scuba Class that will be held on March 5th, with signups on Feb 27th. The class is a four hour course showing the basics of scuba diving. It will cost $20.

Continue your support of the Cavemen Swim Team and a great job to the girls who swam this season!

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