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Giving Back For The Holidays

The Mishawaka High School (MHS) food drive has been a tradition for 37 years. MHS biology teacher Mary Stantz has been working on the food drive for seven years. “Our purpose is to help families get through the holidays and the winter months,” said Stantz, “Last year we had a little over 110 families and many volunteers who kindly donated their time...We strive to involve as much of our community in the process so they can see and enjoy the experience as they help those in need.”

MHS staff takes the food drive very seriously. “Seeing the relief on the families as they see they have one less thing to worry about is an experience that is hard to describe, but it keeps [the volunteers] coming back year after year. The food drive is a wonderful tradition at MHS, and means the world to those who it helps,” Stantz said.

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The Students and Staff have been raising money since November 1st with raffles, competitions ,and money collections in advisory. “We like to purchase as many food certificates as possible,” said MHS biology teacher Courtney Brummett.

Any food that MHS does not give to a family is automatically donated to the local food banks to restock their shelves. “On the day of the food drive, a family will show up and be checked in. Then, they are helped through the cafeteria which has turned into a small grocery store,” said Brummett, “They then pick out the items they want in the amounts allowed by the size of their family.”

The whole process takes about 20 minutes from start to finish. “We try to make sure every family gets sugar, flour, peanut butter, dish soap, toilet paper, tissue, and laundry detergent,” concluded Brummett.

The Annual MHS Food Drive Event is December 16th 2017.

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