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Headin’ for the high marks: Mishawaka thespians perform annual fall play

William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is a timeless classic, most often dubbed as the “greatest love story of all time.” Countless interpretations of this tale of starcrossed lovers have been presented since its creation. In a story titled “Headin’ for the Hills,” one wouldn’t expect a “hillbilly Romeo and Juliet” interpretation, nor would he/she expect this story to be something far more complex.

This year, for their second of three productions, the Mishawaka High School thespians are putting on their take of “Headin’ for the Hills,” starring Justin Christensen and Bailey Davis as the focal Romeo and Juliet-esque characters. However, Christensen and Davis aren’t the only focuses of this show, which also centers around two battling publishing firms that are vying to get their hands on a book deal surrounding the “Romeo and Juliet of the hills” and their respective families - the Calhouns and the Tullivers. Heading these publishing firms and these two families include Adam Zolman, Cassidy Parks, Howard Mueller, and Michaela Yoder - within these firms and families are characters such as (but not limited to) Tyler Colburn, Hannah Ryan, Wesley Miser, and Lauren Raven. These MHS students were also joined by a multitude of their peers, some of which helped onstage, and some who helped offstage to bring everything to fruition.

“Headin’ for the Hills” captivates the audience throughout the entirety of its approximate runtime of one-and-a-half hours, creating tears of joy and laughter to many in the audience. As the plot complicates and twists and every turn (right up until its very end!), the audience is taken on an immersive journey through Lonesome Polecat and left wanting more. This cast and crew does a marvelous job bring the hills of Lonesome Polecat and the publishing offices of Manhattan to life.

Go out and support your Mishawaka thespians tonight and tomorrow night! Shows start at 6:30 each night in the auditorium, and tickets are only $3! No one will want to miss out on this incredible show or any of the (abundance of) laughs it beckons!

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