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Keeping with Your Resolutions

A new year means New Year’s resolutions. However, it is very common for someone to spend a week keeping with their resolution, then lose motivation by the next week. Your resolution needs to be realistic, enjoyable, and something that will make you happy.

Resolutions are commonly overly generalized. You may say you are going to “eat less junk food” or “exercise more,” but how much less is less, and how much more is more? Because it is hard to define “more” and “less” it is typical for your goals to get lost in the year. Making a plan can help you achieve your resolutions.

Another fault is creating extremely specific or unrealistic goals. If you are someone who likes to sit inside and be on your phone all day, do you really think you are going to start working out 2 hours every single day? Granted, it is possible, though it is unlikely. Start small, focus on this week, or even just today. So, whatever your resolution might be, make it realistic.

All over social media is the idea of “new year new you”- this isn't such a great trend. You do not have to redefine or reinvent yourself solely because it is a new year. In the very wise words of Dr. Seuss, “There is no one alive more you-er than you.” A good rule of thumb to keep when setting your goals is to chose something that makes you happier or feel better about yourself.

It’s one thing to keep a resolution that you enjoy doing, but it is another story when you don’t. Even if your goal is super boring, there is always a way to make it more enjoyable. If you hate working out, but want to get in shape, putting on your favorite music can help you get the job done. When you put your mind to it, there is nothing you can't make a bit more enjoyable.

Not everyone will make a New Year's resolution. However, if you do, be sure you keep it realistic, keep it fun, and don't lose yourself in it. Happy 2016!

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