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Keith Kinder named Head Football Coach

Breaking News: Mishawaka has found its new head football coach.

Keith Kinder was announced as Mishawaka’s new head football coach, replacing Bart Curtis. Kinder was co-offensive coordinator with Kyle Shaw, leading a high powered offense. Kinder came to the Cavemen as an assistant in 2012, where he has helped the Cavemen to five sectional titles.

Kinder not only coached with a hall of famer, he also played quarterback under a hall of famer, coach Bill Sharpe at Jimtown. Kinder won two state championships at Jimtown, and will look for the same success as a coach, for the Cavemen.

"This is a moment I have waited my entire life for," said Kinder "I think I have been ready, for awhile to be a head coach but I wanted to make sure I made the right choice."

As mentioned before Kinder has been under some very successful coaches.

"I will always be picking their brains," said Kinder, "I have had some very successful coaches that I was under, which I was lucky."

Mishawaka is a very special place on Friday nights and Kinder knows that.

"I love the community, that is what really draws me to Mishawaka," Kinder added, "I know that the players love the atmosphere, and I am excited to get going."

With a new coach that brings unfamiliarity.

"I will go talk to the kids after this, and get a chance to settle down with them," Kinder said, "I am excited to talk to them, and start moving forward."

Mishawaka is known for it's "mishbone"

"Mishawaka is known for running the football, so we will continue to do that," said Kinder, "And on defense we will run to the football."

Kinder added that he will guage each coaches interest in returning, and if they want to, he will have a spot for them on the staff.

Kinder has already impacted the Mishawaka program, senior Isaiah Evans, who was in Kinder’s position group, knows that.

“Kinder always listens, but always wants you to be better, he’s like a dad- best friend kind of guy,” said Evans, “he has a get after it mentality, he wants you to get after it and do your best, that’s what a good coach needs, and he has it.”

Kinder will be replacing a successful coach in Bart Curtis.

“I think he will bring a similar style but there is nobody like Curtis, but there’s also nobody like Kinder,” said Evans, “He has learned a lot from Curtis, but he will have his own ways of doing things which is the Mishawaka way, he will do what he needs to do to keep improving the program, but most importantly developing young men.”

There were plenty of coaches to choose from, but Evans likes who they picked.

“Coach Kinder always has a smile on his face, but will be serious when he needs to be, he’s pushed me on my worst and best days, he was always there for me and the other players,” said Evans. “Kinder is humble, caring, and consistent, Kinder is always forward, never backward, onto the next play, I am really happy for him.”

Evans will continue his playing career at Indiana Wesleyan University next year.

More updates will come soon, as we are at the press conference.

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