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Kool-Aid Kid

"Embrace the weird." -The Spectacular Now

Caity Hess, a freshman here at the high school, is a very talented, outgoing student. Her dream job is to perform on Broadway, but before she can do that she is participating in the Mishawaka’s musical the “Drowsy Chaperone”. She will be able to show the school her vocal talents which she has learned from her voice teacher, Laura Scott. She has been working with her role model for five years and hopes to “someday be just like her.” Outside of school, she has been participating in theater at the Main Stage Inc. for the past eight years. She hopes that in five years she will be in college, getting a degree in something that will not only make her successful but also happy.

Caity has enjoyed her high school experience so far and says she has “ made a lot of new friends and [has] learned a lot of new things about not only the basic subjects, but life in general.” She is an “attentive” and “willing to learn” kind of student, and can make any difficult situation more enjoyable. A teacher that had a strong influence on Caity was her third grade teacher, Ms. Toress. “She always taught me how to have fun and treat other people right.”

She would like for people to remember her as a caring person, one who always did her work hard and did her best.The most important lessons she has learned in life are from her parents. They work hard and never judge others. The one superpower that Caity wishes that she had is the ability to teleport because then she would “not have to drive or fly and to be able to go on vacation.”

One of Caity’s many talents is the ability to hula hoop for fifteen minutes straight. She also knows the name of every Disney Prince, which is always a plus.

I wish Caity the best of luck in her theater career and I hope she achieves her goals!

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