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Kool-Aid Kid Ceci Taylor

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” - Winston Churchill

Ceci Taylor, a senior here at the high school, is a born and raised Hoosier. For the past seven years, Ceci has been involved in gymnastics. Her talent has given her an all-around state champion title for the past three years. Aside from gymnastics, she does pole vaulting for the high school. Outside of school, she volunteers at Saint Joseph Hospital.

Inside the classroom, she works hard every day to maintain her ranking of fourth out of over 300 students in the senior class. This June, Ceci will be participating in the 149th graduating class. It’s been a stressful four years, but she is “grateful to have met wonderful teachers and made amazing friends.” In the next five years, she sees herself attending medical school; however, she isn’t entirely sure what field she wants to go into. “Possibly a cardiologist, but there are so many different medical specialties. I guess just a doctor for now. I will decide what exactly I want to do when I travel through medical school.”

She looks up to her brothers who have worked very hard to be successful. “They have also helped when I need it,” she says, “Supported all my decisions, and have inspired me to try my hardest.” In regards to having the school’s Caveman pride, Ceci believes that it requires, “being proud to be a Caveman. Supporting the teams and being involved with the school.” Ceci has two teachers who have encouraged her to become the person she is today: her 5th-grade teacher Mrs. Shriner and her high school science teacher Ms. Barendreght.

On Ceci’s bucket list, she hopes to travel the world and put her medical skills to use. She would also like to go skydiving, bungee jumping, and learn to play the violin.

The biggest life lesson that she has learned is to never, ever give up. “There are moments in life that will test your patience, strength, and determination, but never give up,” she says,” Why go so far and try so hard just to give up when you are almost there?”

The MHS Alltold staff wishes Ceci the best of luck in her future.

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