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Kool-Aid Kid: Patrick Gouker

“Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought.” - Saint (Pope) John Paul II

Patrick Gouker is a spunky sophomore here at Mishawaka High School; however, he was not always a public school attendant. For most of his life, Patrick attended a Catholic school and joined the School City of Mishawaka district for his freshmen year. When asked about the switch, Partick replied,“[it] was weird because I came to a much bigger school with a much more diverse population, but [it] turned out well.” Thus far, the high school has been “alright” for Partick since he has “made many friends” and hasn’t “been bullied or anything like that,” which is always a plus. Patrick believes that, in order to have Mishawaka Cavemen Spirit, students should be supportive of “fellow Cavemen” and have “pride in the school.”

After graduating, Patrick hopes to earn a degree in mechanical engineering. Also, he would like to find a job that makes him look forward to going to work every day, and one that has co-workers that he can easily work alongside. Outside of school, Patrick is involved in the school’s Quiz Bowl. He also is part of an international missions organization, called Antioch Youth Ministry, that was formed in 1999. Aside from those activities, Patrick enjoys fishing, hunting, reading, and swimming.

Patrick has encountered many people so far in his life, and he believes that he has learned many lessons from those many people. “Contrary to popular belief, there are many good people in the world. If you know where to look, those people can teach you many things.” Patrick hopes to one day have visited all the states and national parks. His one wish is to have infinitely many wishes and then wish for world peace as well as money (some of which would go to charities, but most would stay in his pocket).

The Alltold wishes Partick the best of luck in his future endeavors and hopes that he reaches his goals.

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