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Lady Cavemen Dash Past Memorial

Tuesday, December 8th, the girls’ basketball team went head to head with Memorial. Though they have faced Memorial in the summer league, this was the first time the Lady Cavemen played Memorial in the regular season. The starters for the night were Lauren Grewe at point guard (12), Alivia Jahamiack at shooting guard (10), Lizzy Ashburn at forward (10), Regan Freitag at forward (11), and Cameron Schultheis at guard (11). Freitag started off the game winning the tip. The Lady Cavemen came out with a fire, Grewe had eighteen points in the first quarter. Throughout the game turn overs occurred for both teams and the coaches were not happy. The teams switched out players frequently during the game, trying new strategies and tactics to throw off the other team. In the fourth quarter with 6:40 to go, the Cavemen were up by nineteen. Even though the Lady Cavemen were up they had to keep on their toes. Though this game was not a buzzer beater, it was still thrilling to see who coach would put in next, and how new combinations of people played together. The Lady Cavemen went on to win 57-49. Lauran Grewe ended the game with 25 points, 4 assists, and 1 block. After the game I asked Cameron Schultheis, who finished with 8 points and 2 assists, what her overall thought of the game was. She responded, “We definitely had a great game tonight. We still could have played more as a team, but we will get there,” Schultheis says. Join the Mishawaka girls’ basketball team Friday, December 11 for a double header with the boys’ team at South Bend Riley. Go Cavemen!

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