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Love Never Goes Out of Style

Even though February is behind us, that doesn’t mean we can’t show each other love. We saw Valentine’s Day gift ideas all over social media last month, but why not show love to those you care for when society isn’t telling you to?! And on top of that, why not show yourself some love?! After all, you may have many partners in your life, but you only have one you.

When you’re dating someone around Valentine’s Day, society screams out that you must buy them something to prove your love for them, but why do you need a day to show your affection to someone? If you truly do love your partner, then try and surprise them with a Valentines-esque gift this month, and I bet it will mean ten times more. You can catch them off guard and let them know that you love them enough to show it any day, not just when they feel as if they have to.

Do you love yourself? In our society there’s a huge double standard against loving yourself and loving others. If you say you love yourself you’re cocky and conceited, but if you don’t then you’re unconfident and have self-esteem issues. There is a difference between loving yourself and being vain. You only have one you, so show yourself some love, give yourself a treat and splurge on something that you’ve wanted for months. You deserve it, so go ahead and love yourself!

No matter if you have a significant other or not, showing love should not have a season or need a specific day. We should just show love, whether it’s to your family, your friends, or even just a stranger; love never goes out of style.

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