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Mask Mandate Updates

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Just before School City of Mishawaka (SCM) students went on their winter break from December 23rd and through January 6th, many were hoping to go into the second semester with a mask optional policy stated by Indiana Governor, Eric Holcomb.

“Last week I made clear what would be necessary to responsibly allow the state public health emergency to expire. However, following the announcement that the General Assembly will not return on Monday, Nov. 29, I plan to extend the state public health emergency and the executive order next week for another 30 days to preserve the necessary provisions. I will continue to work closely with Speaker Huston and Senator Bray as we move into the next legislative session,” Holcomb stated in a press release in November, 2021. “I am thinking of variants specifically.”

However, for the safety of all students and staff, masks will still be worn full-time at SCM schools. Due to a rise in positive COVID-19 cases in St. Joseph County and SCM schools, as well as the new omicron variant being even more contagious than previous variants of COVID spreading. MHS administration has been on the lookout for students not complying to the mask mandate. Previously, there had been discussion of returning to three lunch periods at MHS, but with a rise in cases and even more people being quarantined, administration decided against the proposed plan. Having four lunch periods was an idea SMC put in place to allow people to be spread out at lunch, even though they’re using every other seat in the cafeteria and every seat in the commons. This allows the proper social distancing the CDC recommends for all students in regards to COVID 19.

Although most students have been complying with the mask mandate rules, there are some who are still not willing to wear a mask correctly, or at all so, there have been more strict guidelines put in place for students who refuse to wear a mask properly and consistently.

With these new mask policies in place, we hope all students at MHS continue to mask up and keep our school safe from both COVID-19 and prevent the chance of remote learning.

Additionally, Eric Holcomb has recently announced that on February 1st, the public health emergency would end for now. For now, continue to mask up for the safety of the students and staff.

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