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May the Course Be With You

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

On Saturday, October 24th, the cross country team attended semi-state at IPFW in Fort Wayne. The boys and girls teams were both ranked in the top 20% of semi-state, so they could participate. There were some changes to the lineup: Brant Hoggatt took the place of Christian Hardin and Cali-Sue Melton took the place of Morgan Washington. Both Hoggatt (17:56) and Melton (22:23) made it on to varsity by beating the previous varsity runners in a time trial. Competing that day were thirty teams from schools from all around the northern half of the state for both boys and girls. Both boys and girls teams received 9th place out of the thirty teams who attended semi state. Both teams were in the top 10% to qualify for state. Colin Richardson (16:22) and Jessica Duvall (19:25) will move on to state this Saturday, October 31st. Coach Kov was proud to have both of his top runners go to state. Good luck at state and don’t forget to tie your boolaces!

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