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MDT Making History

(MDT taking first at Crown Point. Photo Credits to Lily Schnaak)

On Saturday, January 7th, the Mishawaka Dance Team traveled to Crown Point, Indiana to compete in the Crown Point High School Invitational. They competed both their Pom and Hip-Hop routine in the same Scholastic Division throughout the busy day.

The dancers ended their competition day with the award ceremony, with a score of 68.82 in the Scholastic Hip-Hop division, as well as a 63.53 in the Scholastic Pom division with both routines bringing home 1st place. Similar to academic grading, the entire score can be out of 100, but on average, scores are between 50-80 for all teams participating. These scores given are an average from three different judges over many different categories including: strength, technique, timing and many more.

Compared to their first competition, the dancers increased both their scores from their previous invitational at Northrop, where they had scored a 63 in Hip-Hop and a 58 in Pom. Coach Kuehn and Coach Schnaak were very pleased with the outcome of their second competition of the season. Coach Kuehn especially. She said, “These girls have worked very hard to get to where they are today, and I know that we can only go up from here.”

(MDT at the Awards Ceremony at Munster. Photo Credits to Lily Schnaak)

The following Saturday, January 14th, MDT traveled to Munster, Indiana to compete in the Munster High School Invitational. The team performed their same two routines with minor changes in the previous choreography.

The changes enabled the MDT to increase their scores in both routines. The improvements were so significant that in Pom, the team earned first place against one of their biggest all-time competitors, Delphi High School. They made a lot of improvements with their Hip-Hop routine as well, advancing to a 70.07 which also gave MDT a first place.

The team was, and continues to be, very overjoyed with their frequent success as the season progresses. Senior dancer Amaya Cutler said, “The team continued to put in countless hours of work and the Munster Competition showed that. Bringing home two first places and beating one of our biggest competitors this season…I am very proud of these girls”

(MDT taking first at Marian. Photo Credits to Lily Schnaak)

On the third consecutive Saturday, January 21st, the team competed locally at the 25th annual Marian High

School Invitational, going up against their highest competitors, Delphi, yet again.

Nevertheless, the team remained victorious and kept hold of their first place streak, slightly increasing the scores of both routines. This particular competition was very special to the team as a whole, as assistant coach Lily Schnaak is a former Marian High School dancer. Schnaak commented that, “Being at Marian is always nostalgic for me. I remember hosting that competition in high school and dancing on that floor. I love being able to bring MDT to the alma mater and have them absolutely kill it, as usual.”

To finish off their busy month, MDT hosted their first ever annual showcase in the Cave, on Saturday, January 28th. The successful showcase premiered the dance team’s two competition routines, a kids camp Pom/Hip-Hop group dance, the Winter Guard routine, and finally an alumni dance featuring past members of the Mishawaka Dance Team.

Following these three back-to-back-competitions and showcase, MDT will have a restful week until their final Invitation on February 11th, which will be followed by regionals in late February and state in early-March.

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