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MHS' Hallway Nightmare

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

This year at MHS, 1,477 new students have enrolled. With an increase in the student body this year, Mishawaka High School Principal John Ross, said,

“There is one problem that has presented itself to the school: traffic jams. Both the hallways inside and the outdoor roundabouts where the pick-up and drop-off takes place, have been filled with returning students.”

Ross stated, “We plan to have some students go out the main doors compared to the pool doors so the halls aren’t too crowded.” Ross also noted that the school added a fourth lunch period to allow some of the traffic in the halls spread out and the overpopulated cafeteria slow down.

Unfortunately, more fights have occurred this year than the one prior, which led the school to enforce new, stricter rules which really puts emphasis on one way hallways and bathroom usage.

Not to mention, some students have started to follow a tiktok challenge which sabotages the bathroom, stealing school property and filming it. This has made getting to class more tightly controlled since more students have been using the bathroom during passing periods. Hall monitors are also now frequently sweeping the halls to make sure each student out of class has a pass. This has the potential to cause some backup in the hallways as well.

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