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MHS student council wants your blood

Did you know that this time of year is when the most people need blood? And did you know there is a free way to help those in need, and get free snacks afterwards? On Monday December 12, the Mishawaka Student Council and the South Bend Medical Foundation are holding a blood drive that students, 16 and older, and staff can participate in. If interested in signing up, visit Mr. Breske in room 151 to obtain the paperwork. Breske will pick time slots for each student and passes will be received the day of. If you have half days or attend the career center please inform Breske so he can schedule around any events.

Before donating, participants will be asked a series of questions regarding their health to make sure their blood is adequate for those who will be using it. When entering the bus, there will be reclined comfy chairs on both sides. Participants are to be directed to go to the back of the bus to have their pulse and iron levels checked. This year students will be checked, for precautionary measures, for the Zika virus. After that, as soon as a seat is available in the main part of the bus, a participant can sit back and let the nurses do their work. Once the blood is drawn, grabbing a snack and relaxing for a few minutes before returning to class is highly advised. If at any point during the day participants feel uneasy please visit the nurse to get checked out.

When speaking with Breske, he stated that needing blood has always been “very critical.” With his own experience, he knows that blood will only go so far. Blood is always needed, and the blood drive is a good way to help local people. 100% of the blood that is collected stays local. Donating blood does not require any outside skills besides being able to handle needles and a little discomfort. The goal this year is ninety units of blood which requires ninety students and staff to participate.

If you happen to miss this round, the MHS National Honor Society will hold their own blood drive second semester. Visiting the South Bend Medical Foundation at any time during the year is also highly recommend.

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