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MHS Student-Led Band to Release Album

The Apple Road Theatre. The Wild Rose Moon. These are just two of the many venues where Trivial Nonsense has sold out their performances. Trivial Nonsense, an alternative band composing of Zach Lyon on electric guitar, Luke Mayer as their percussionist, and Brandon Lighty as the lead vocalist, is one of most promising things to come out of Mishawaka High School since Adam Driver made it big last December with his headlining role as Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. With their songs such as “The Last Parade” and “126 Miles,” it is no wonder that they are planning a tour this summer to promote their new album, which comes out in early June.

Though Trivial Nonsense refers to themselves as an alternative band, they find inspiration from Mumford and Sons and other various folk musicians. However, because of the various member’s backgrounds in music, they are able to bring a refreshing change to each of their songs because they all draw inspiration from various genres. “[Lyon] is very rock, while [Mayer] tends to be more punk, and I really enjoy folk and indie music,” says Lighty. Despite their musical differences, they still manage to stay friends. The trio have been friends since they were young and found that their close-knit relationship has helped them to learn subtle movements for their onstage performances, something that takes years to develop.

In the future, Trivial Nonsense plans to host Band Slam on May 6. It is sponsored by the Student Council and hopes to raise money for charity. They are looking forward to giving back to the community and will showcase various covers and songs from their newest album.

Trivial Nonsense is present on many platforms. You can connect with them on Facebook (, Twitter (@TrivialNsense), and Instagram (, and their music is available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, and Google Play. They are currently signed to West Records.

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