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MHS Students Come Together in Preparation for Homecoming

Homecoming week brings talk of football, dances and spirit week. MHS students can add tailgating to the traditions. Attendance at this years tailgate doubled last year’s inaugural event. Activities added were Ladder Ball and KanJam.

“Big shout out to Mr. and Mrs. Grover for providing all the food and entertainment,” Mr Breske, head of student council, said. “It was a good way to see students out of their environment and see them interact with everyone that they don’t usually do,” Breske added. “It’s a chance to bring everyone in school together and it’s lowkey, fun, and free!” Student Council President Katherine Grover said

“Any activity that that builds culture is good for our community. There was healthy competition between students and even staff members. Activities like this help students to find common interests and it allows the staff to show their human side,” Sean Steinkellner, Dean of Students, added. “It was a chance for us to relax from school and see everyone interact with people they usually don’t hang out with,” Senior Jennifer Handres said.

“It was something that people could do without being on their phones. Everyone just had a good time without the whole technology aspect of everything,” Senior Jordan Bowerman said,“everyone disconnected from social media for an hour and half and it was just a live in-the-moment type of environment.”

According to Stein, student attendance numbered around 100. Seniors appeared to far outnumber underclassmen this year.


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