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MHS Students Help Those In Need

All year round, families struggle to feed their loved ones and are in constant stress from poverty. Many are unsure of their next meal or if they will have enough home supplies to last through the week. As winter grows closer, it’ll be hard for those families to support themselves when they can’t afford to keep their house warm and pay for food. Thankfully, Mishawaka High School puts on an event to raise food, money, and supplies for those families. The food drive began on October 17th and will run till December 17th. At school, advisories are asked to raise money and decorate their doors to support the food drive. Advisories can participate in Adopt-A-Family, which includes Mishawaka families. They pick a family, and that family sends options for the advisory to purchase. All students are asked to bring in food to donate, and in some class they are given extra credit to do so. It’s a win-win for those in need and Mishawaka students! The FACs department plans to support the event by making and selling pumpkin rolls. Outside of classes, various school groups such as Science Olympiad, National Honor Society, and sports teams hold events to raise supplies. Students can also participate in Stuff-A-Bus, which will take place the weekend before Thanksgiving (Nov. 19 and 20).

The food drive has been held for the past 36 years. However, MHS teachers Ms. Brummett, Miss Barendreght, and Mr. Ferro have been pulling it all together for the past four years. Last year, the high school served 121 families, but this year, they hope to serve 150. When asked about the most exciting event, Ms. Brummett replied: “The day of the Food Drive itself is by far the most exciting event. It's just so cool to see the transformation that happens in the cafeteria. [Also], seeing how much the families appreciate all that we have done for them and the number of kids that volunteer to make it all possible is really a heartwarming experience.”

There is a lot or pre-planning that goes on months before the food drive begins. The teachers have to plan the events, make sure each family is adopted, collect enough money for extra food and gift cards (for families to purchase perishable foods after they receive non-perishable food from the drive), and set up the night before the food is organized and sent off. As the food drive begins, be sure to check back with the Alltold to stay up to date on what’s going on. If anyone is interested in volunteering, please visit Ms. Brummett’s room in the science department to sign up. The Alltold wishes the student body and teachers the best of luck in helping those in need!

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