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MHS swimming has a splashtastic beginning to a promising season

The Crescendo Relay (From left to right: Reagan Webster, Becca Byers, Starr Kytta, Sidney Perkins, Damaris Wyant, Ellie Kaplachinski)

The Mishawaka High School boys and girls swim teams have both officially begun for the 2016-17 season, and the team is very excited to have a memorable season. The girls started off with a win against Clay on November 11. They then faced Penn on November 15. Even though the girls did not win, they all put forth their best efforts and had endless encouragement for their teammates. Their next two meets, Elkhart Memorial and Washington, were both wins. On Saturday November 19, the girls faced six other schools at Goshen Middle School. This event consisted of only relay styled events. At a standard meet, a relay consists of 4 swimmers. Once the person in the water touches the wall, the next person goes. At the Goshen meet, there is a wide range of different relays from only backstroke to each girl swimming something different when they enter the water. In the crescendo relay, MHS placed first. The girls also placed second in the 400 freestyle relay and fourth in the 200 backstroke relay. There were several other placements, but if it hadn’t been for the “unsung heroes” that Coach Bev Buysse praises for their hardwork and dedication, the girls team would not have placed third on Saturday. The swim team is a mix of newcomers and old timers. Without that mix, the girls team would be nothing. Everyone has their part on the team and without one person, the whole puzzle falls apart.

The boys began their season with a meet against Elkhart Memorial. Unfortunately the boys lost; however, their enthusiasm and team spirit was strong throughout the meet. The next meet will be both a girls and boys meet starting at 5 o’clock on November twenty-ninth. It will be a home meet against Riley. The girls’ season will continue until February fourth with the final day of sectionals. The boys’ season will finish February eighteenth with their final day of sectionals.

If interested in attending any of the upcoming meets, check out the school’s website. The team would greatly appreciate support from members of the community and the school. The team is very excited to start competing and making a splash this swim season!

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