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MHS Yearbook to Avoid Prom

Have you purchased your yearbook yet for this year? Many have avoided the purchase due to rumors circling this year’s publishing. If you have been living under a rock for the past few months, or you enjoy locking yourself in a windowless, brick room for hours on end without any wifi signal, the rumor is this: the yearbook is including neither the spring sports nor the spring prom.

Before ringing up the school and demanding money back for half a yearbook, finish this article. I sat down with Christie King, the editor-in-chief for the Miskodeeds in Room 272, to get to the bottom of this conundrum. The truth is that it will include pictures from prom and other spring sports... But only last year’s photos.

Why? “People may be mad because we won’t cover as much of the spring,” King states, “But those are the same people who are also mad because the book wasn’t out before they graduated. It’s hard for seniors to leave without having their book.” The early release allows for students who ordered them to have them before the end of the school year, and will allow for a party at the end of the year to let friends and acquaintances autograph the books while having fun. Mrs. Buchmann, the advisor for the yearbook, puts it simply: “For the first time ever, we will be able to have our book out by the end of the year, and that’s what’s going to be memorable and important.” After all, the memories made in high school don’t rely on photographs as evidence to prove what sports team someone was on, or who wore what dress to prom, but, rather, what memories you made that night, or the winning home run that you made. Memories are not always tangible, and your photograph not being in the yearbook doesn’t make that day any less special to you.

Seniors won’t be left empty-handed when given their yearbook, though. The staff is preparing a top-secret, removable extension of the yearbook that will only be made available to seniors which include pictures from the spring sports and the prom. They are allowed to provide these updated versions because it takes nearly two months to print the yearbook, but getting the excerpts professionally done takes a very short amount of time.

All in all, don’t worry about the yearbook staff. They’re doing their job to ensure that the history that we leave behind is being documented so we will be able to look back and remember the important (and not so important) events that transpired in the four years spent in this brick building. If there are still questions, both Christie and Mrs. Buchmann invite any student, parent, or faculty member to contact anyone on the yearbook committee. The yearbook staff is working diligently to get the facts straight, and to remove any misnomers that people have.

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