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Mishawaka Cavemen Stuff-A-Bus

On Saturday, Nov. 19th and Sunday, Nov. 20th, Mishawaka Cavemen gathered at a local Kroger to collect goods for the annual Stuff-A-Bus event. Students passed out fliers to shoppers, held signs on the side of the road, and carried donations onto the short Mishawaka school bus, all in their heavy winter coats bearing the cold weather.

This event was held on both Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM to 4 PM but some students stayed longer and helped unload the goods onto the high school stage. Mr. Ferro, the head of the Mishawaka food drive said that “both days went very well; [it was] very busy”.

Several groups came out to help, including the baseball, football, softball, wrestling teams, National Honor Society, and French Honor Society along with individual students. Approximately ten to twenty students came from each group, according to Mr. Ferro. These groups were joined by their coaches. Every Mishawaka High School administrator attended to show their support for the food drive.

Senior Sydney Jablonski commented on the food drive: “It’s a great opportunity to help Mishawaka families.” Nina Hernandez, senior, also volunteered and said that “you can actually see that the community cares” in regards to her experience with the customers.

The annual Stuff-A-Bus event is a vital way for the community to collect donations for Mishawaka families in need. The Alltold thanks all of the students and staff who participated!

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