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Mishawaka Remix Finds New Life on Morning Announcements

Many students were surprised when they heard a remix style Caveman song on the morning announcements. Many asked, “Is this song new?” Others wanted to know, “Where did it come from?” The song is, in fact, not new. The background on the song and its revival both come from Coach Curtis.

The song was written in 2009 by former MHS student, Jordan Gilmore. Mr. Curtis explains that at the time, the football team was going into the Penn game with both teams undefeated. Gilmore produced the song to help pump up the team. It was played over the loudspeaker at football games and used for announcements. Ultimately, the football team did defeat Penn that year.

Although only a short sample is heard on the morning announcements, “Cavemen Song Remix 1” is actually a little over two minutes long. Much of the song is the repetition of the line “Mishawaka Cavemen,” but other lines that can be heard in the full version include “If you play against us you’ll be in pain, but if you play with us you won’t feel a thing. So put your helmets on. We going to play hard and all day long.”

Mr. Curtis is also the reason the song found new life. He recently asked Mrs. Gerber to make a copy of the file; when she heard the song she decided to use it to introduce the “Cavemen Rock” segment on the morning news. Overall, reaction to the song is mixed.

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