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Mishawaka Softball Elkhart Memorial

The Mishawaka Softball Team has had quite the season thus far, to say the least. The team now has a record of 10-3 with a conference record of 3-1. The girls were on a 9 game winning streak when they took a tough loss against Chesterton in the first game of a doubleheader on Friday April 15th. However, the Lady Cavemen came back the second game and took the Trojans 13-2.

Starting sophomore, Sydney Kempf, stated how she feels about how her and her team have been doing this season, “Our team is great as a whole. As soon as one girl starts to get excited, we all get excited. We work amazing together and we play hard and push ourselves. Lena (Tirotta) has hit 4 homeruns so far, Hope (Fowler) had an amazing catch in our last game against John Glenn. When one girl gets on base, we do a great job of following what they do to move the runners.”

That last game against John Glenn ended with a win for the the Lady Cavemen, 23-0. Unfortunately, in the midst of an amazing win, starting second baseman Cassidy Challberg was taken out of the game due to a right hamstring injury. She sustained the injury while running to first base.

The Lady Cavemen take on St. Joe at St. Joe on Friday, April 22nd. On April 27th the girls play Riley at home. This season is looking good for the team. With such a young group of girls, and such a talented group of girls, they can only improve from here. It will be exciting to watch them grow as the season progresses. Senior Abby Ryor says, “I can just say that we are growing as a team everyday & game, play by play. you just have to believe to achieve and we definitely believe.”

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