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Movie Review: Allegiant

Calling all initiates! The final film of the Divergent trilogy is officially released in theaters. According to sources, the film was hardly a box topper as compared to the others during their opening weekend. The downfall in revenue could be due to viewers losing interest after waiting so long for the last of the movies.

Imagine a world where you’re discriminated against for how you think and act. You can’t do certain things, wear certain clothes, or even speak your mind. That is what life in the Divergent trilogy would be like. The story is set in futuristic Chicago where people are categorized based on their personalities. The separation of people is known as the faction system and each section controls certain people. The city is surrounded by a huge wall, yet nobody knows what may lie on the other side. The main characters are Beatrice (Tris) Prior and Tobias (Four) Eaton. These two are out to protect the city and teach people to accept one another. Allegiant is all about rebelling against the leaders of the city and those outside the wall to hopefully restore peace.

The plot thickens as the main characters fight for their freedom from the shackles of conformity. They are trying to see what is beyond their city because they're sick of being told what to do. The characters venture outside the wall to hopefully find the freedom they need. Little do they know, their lives have been created for scientific purposes. The people who live behind the wall are not as good as everyone was led to believe. When the characters reach the new land they are very confused and everything is so much more advanced than their society. Adjustment to life in this new city is hard. Tris is considered the most valuable to the city’s leader and he tries to convince her into making poor choices. The story gets even better when the crew makes choices about returning to their old ways.

Critics at Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie an unfortunate 5/10 stars due to “boredom” and a “dragging plotline” according to the reviews. Altogether, the quality of the film was very good, yet it lacked some of the key details from the book. It seems as if the franchise is less popular since the previous films. The film made 28 million dollars during opening weekend, which is significantly smaller than the other two movies. Perhaps the producers should have rethought their two part movie and promoted it a bit more. Catch Allegiant in theaters, but beware of the cliffhanger ending.

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