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New Scares At Niles Scream Park

The well known Niles Scream Park started up on September 14th. It is featuring a new attraction on the six attraction line up for the public to enjoy this year. Beginning in October, the park will be open all weekends and Tuesday, October 31st.

Niles Scream Park spans 44 acres. “The professionally designed sets and ingenious scare-tactics" led the Niles Scream Park to be recognized by Haunted Attraction Magazine as one of the ‘Top 31 must-see Haunted Attractions’ nationwide for the last four years running.

Niles Scream Park is a non-profit project that relies on donations. Approximately 150 people volunteer each night to staff its various attractions. In 2016, The Make A Wish Foundation donated $14,000. The total donation amount to the park was $124,569.65.

Niles Haunted House is the largest and most popular of the attractions at Niles Scream Park. It is the original attraction of Niles Scream Park. To get to the house, a guest must take a long winding path with shaky bridges over dark ponds, foggy paths through trees, and a completely blacked out guard building. The house itself has over 100 different paths throughout the attraction. Each year the rooms, theme, sound effects, and scares change to provide a fresh show. Upon exiting the house, guests enter the Rear Swamp which holds many more frights.

In the story of the Possessed attraction, patrons see the results of a portal that was opened by the Alder family during a ouija board session. The mansion had been boarded up and vacant ever since. In the plot line of the story, neighbors are demanding the Alder mansion be exorcized to prevent the spirits from spreading throughout town.

The story of Incarcerated is about a warden of the maximum security prison, Four Flags Penitentiary, who faked a violent inmate riot to turn the public against the prisoners. During the riot, however, the inmates turned on the guards and overthrew the penitentiary.

The Field of Screams is considered one of the park’s most popular attractions. The Field of Screams is a series of outdoor mazes. Finding a way out means going through the Voodoo Bayou, the Castle torture area, and the floating Cannibal Island.

The Dark Terror-tory Haunted Hayride trail is approximately a mile long and filled with more than 30 sets that chases after the notorious Route 66 killer. A mix of humor and scares, the ride is not an ordinary hayride through the quiet woods.

Hooded is a new attraction coming to the Niles Scream Park. It’s a new concept that will put the patrons through an intense experience unlike any at the park. This attraction is adults only (18+) and patrons must sign a waiver. No refunds. No chicken out passes.

Niles Scream Park has adapted the popular escape room concept to their midway with their Mini Escape Rooms. A new twist includes “speed escape rooms.” There will be several these five-minute escape rooms open at the park.

Niles scream park is located on Mayflower Road, south of Niles-Buchanan Road just off Exit 5 of the US 31 Bypass. For more information on prices, times, and dates of operation can be obtained by visiting the Niles Scream Park web site at or calling 269-687-FEAR.

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