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New Year, Same You

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

It’s that time of the year where everyone is deciding on what to do for their personal

resolutions. On January 1st, Twitter was buzzing with phrases like “new year, new you” and

“page 1 of 365” as social media enthusiasts began their fresh start in 2016. New Year’s

resolutions are both a good and bad aspect of our culture. The biggest problem among those

trying to form new habits is commitment.

I constantly hear of people all through the month of January trying extremely hard to stick to

their resolutions, but I often don’t see any action taking place. I think many of us attempt to

change too many aspects of our lives at once and don’t set realistic goals for the upcoming

year. The key to having a successful year is not trying to change yourself persay, but consider

forming new habits little by little. The other important thing to remember is that no one is perfect.

It’s simply human nature to make mistakes or forget things once in awhile. We hear about those

who put tons of effort into dieting and trying to workout as soon as the year begins; some want

to form better habits like not staying up late or being a better person. These are all nice

resolutions to begin with, but keeping the motivation isn’t always easy. In order to stay

committed to something like a New Year’s resolution, there has to be some sort of a “self

contract.” Without being able to stay on track and planning for what you want to accomplish,

having a resolution isn’t even worth it.

I think the idea of a New Year’s resolution is a nice idea, but making it too unrealistic or trying

to change too many things about yourself isn’t helpful. I believe being honest with yourself and

understanding that you will probably make a mistake is highly crucial. You are still the same

you, whether you eat that donut or forget to do your homework. The way that you handle

situations and trust in yourself that you can conquer those mistakes, that is where the real

change comes into play.

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