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Oh, the Places You’ll Go

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Theodore Giesel (commonly known as Dr. Seuss) would have been 112 years old as of March 2nd. The beloved author passed away in 1991 leaving behind more than forty children’s books including popular titles like Green Eggs and Ham and Fox in Socks. This March 2nd marks the 21st anniversary of Dr. Seuss Day. Schools across the country participate in Read Across America to commemorate their love for books and reading. Dr. Seuss had a knack for providing inspiration to readers through his books. The poetic flow, funny rhymes, and hidden life messages are all aspects of his works.

One of the more popular books Dr. Seuss wrote is Oh, the Places You’ll Go! which provides positive outlooks on life. This book cultivated inspiration on how to look on the bright side, persevere through tough situations, and in order to achieve success it takes effort.

Throughout high school it is important to keep these themes in mind. Take each day one at time and put in effort to reach a goal. Underclassmen have a few years of building up for their graduation, but come senior year it’s nothing but decision making. Be sure to use the short time of high school to explore new things and plan for the future. There’s so much the world has to offer and not taking advantage of opportunities is ludacris. Those homework problems and tests are not your worth, but simply practice for higher level learning. Whether it’s academics, sports, or life itself you are capable of more than you can imagine. Always remember that life is too short to worry, and you shouldn’t regret anything.

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