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Rewind Wednesday: Girls Express Opinions on Cavemen!!!

March 21, 1945

The girls have been given a chance to express their opinions of the M. H. S. Cavemen and here's what they say:

SHIRLEY BREILER, junior, says: "M. H. S. Cavemen? Oh sure, I saw those big brave men we see roaming the halls of M. H. S. Their actions are 'alert', their clothes are neat, but their vocabulary is inadequate, consisting of only two main words- hubba-hubba and bowang!

GEORGETTE DELNOT, senior, says that in reference to the M. H. S. Cavemen, she thinks Jim is swell in all ways.

Junior, ROXIE ANN LACAVA'S opinion is that the M. H. S. Cavemen can be compared with any fellows of Mishawaka or South Bend and still rate high. They not only dress classy but give out with solid talk and actions.

DONNA WEBER, junior, thinks that on the whole, the Mishawaka boys dress and act as well as any, but she can't understand why they think it's cute to go without shaving for weeks at a time. No beards or mustaches, please!"

JACKIE KEMPER, sophomore, thinks the majority of the Cavemen dress with snazzy taste, but they could use a little advice on color scheming. The biggest majority of boys and girls are not a pretty hip to the idea that not only looks, but also neat clothes, good manners and decent talk, have a lot to do on the problems of "Boy dates Girl."

BETTY LOU LEMLER, senior, says that Mishawaka Cavemen are all right in their own primitive ways, but they could profit from the Riley Wildcats!

There you are fellows- take heed!!!

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