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Scholly, The Scholarship App

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Parents and teachers are constantly encouraging us to better our grades because, “it will get you scholarships!” but this sounds like an exaggeration to us. We do not commonly see people just handing out scholarships to students, so it is easy to conclude that it is not actually occurring. Luckily enough, that is far from the truth. There are loads of scholarships out there; we just have to find them! Understandably, it feels like too much work. Sifting through

scholarships takes time, and it is challenging to find ones that apply to you personally.

The good news is that Scholly exists. Scholly is a $0.99 app available for both Apple and Android phones, and can also be accessed through their website. The founder, Christopher Gray, understands the struggle of finding the right scholarships, and so he created a program to do it for us. When you first open the app, it asks you to fill in a broad form clarifying your state, race, GPA, gender, grade, and other miscellaneous things. For me, filling out the form

only took about three minutes. The form is neither complex nor wasteful of those three minutes. It creates parameters so that when you tap, ‘search’ you only see scholarships that apply to you. Not only do these scholarships only apply to you, but they are not institution-based. A not institution-based scholarship means that you

can take the money granted and use it at any college or university in the world.

After creating a basic account for myself and filling out the parameter form, Scholly showed me 55 different scholarships that I could apply to with no admissions fee or requirements that I did not already meet. Yet for a moment, consider the fact that it is very late in the year. Upon looking at the number of scholarships I had been applicable for last spring before their deadlines passed, the number of scholarships tripled. Some of them require short essays. Others require slightly more obscure characteristics, such as having red hair or being an LGBTQA student. However, every single one of them is at your fingertips.

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