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School Plays 2017-2018

Transyl-Mania script.

Mishawaka High School (MHS) has many activities for students who love the arts. The school theater is a great example of this. This year the school theater is putting on three productions, including a musical. This fall the troupe will perform a children’s play, Transyl-mania. The spring will bring The Curious Savage, a mid-play. The winter musical is How To Succeed At Business Without Really Trying.

However, theater isn’t just about the plays. “Theater has always been a ‘family’ type experience and I would like to see that mutual respect grow,” said MHS theater director Amy Jojo.

Senior thespian Justin Christensen believes the theater environment needs to improve. “A lot of people say horrible things about one another.” He said that even though members fight in the end there will always be someone who is there for you. “For all the newbies out there if you are passionate about theater then don’t let others discourage you,” said Christensen.

Michael Day has been in theater since his sophomore year. His first play he landed the role of the earthworm in James and The Giant Peach. Day has been in multiple plays including Little Shop of Horrors as the voice of the plant. This year Day landed the role of one of the leads as Cosmo. Day said he’s very excited about what the new year will bring for the theater. He is very passionate about everybody in the drama department. “I think of us a giant family. Crew are like the cousins, senior actors are like the parents, actors are the brothers and sisters, and Ms. Jojo is the grandparent wrapping us all together, but that doesn't mean we don't have our issues,” Day said. He agreed that members do try to put people down and that stage crew can be underappreciated. ”People behind the scenes are just as important as the people on the stage, that's why I make it my mission to talk to everyone and make their days brighter, whether that means a pep talk or just listening to their problems,” Day said. He shared that the drama department's motto is “act well your part for there all the honor lies”. Day loves what he does and is very humble. “Im not higher than anyone here even if I do get leads or I'm an actor. I want to make people feel welcome. As an actor my job is not to make myself shine but to make others shine,” said Day.

This year the theater crew will be selling spirit wear and other fundraisers. The theater needs new microphone chords and backdrops. Transyl-mania will be in October, the first showing will be October 12th in the MHS auditorium.

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