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Senior Athletes: Spring Edition

The spring season is coming to an end at Mishawaka High School (MHS). For senior athletes, it is the beginning of the end of an incredible and eventful four years at MHS, seniors Cassidy Challberg, Madison Kreil, Cruze Ward, and Claudia Cates are enjoying their last ride.

“What I enjoy most are the traditions at Mishawaka,” said Challberg who is a four year softball starter, “Singing the fight song before and after games is amazing, and also the support from the community, it is awesome.”

Being a Mishawaka athlete means representing yourself, your team, and the current and former Mishawaka students.

“Mishawaka isn’t known for the best or most gifted athletes. Greatness is earned at Mishawaka,” said Kreil who is in her fourth year running for Mishawaka track, “Mishawaka is known for athletes that rise to the top from dedication and commitment.”

Challberg added to Kreil’s comment, “seeing the kids look up to us and wanting to follow our footsteps, is another cool aspect.”

Senior Cates a pole-vaulter loves being apart of the track team, “What I enjoy most is being a part of a large, loving team; going to practice is worth it because I am with the best people I have met.”

Senior year is an unique year for athletes.

“Senior year you can see things as they happen and you appreciate it differently knowing it’s your last time around,” said Cruze Ward senior baseball player, “you cherish this year more.”

Challberg added, “Senior year, you feel you can always put in more effort, realization that it is your last year, is exciting but also sad, it makes you appreciate the game a lot more.”

“Your perspective changes, you are improving yourself, but also looking after your team,” said Kreil, “you’re not just a player anymore, you’re a player-coach, your mindset changes and you take on bigger and better things.”

Student athletes have many awesome memories, whether it be getting a new personal record PR, throwing a shutout, scoring the winning run, or points, the list goes on. Every student athlete has one memory that sticks out.

“The best memories are always a result of the previous event,” said Kreil, “watching you and your teammates train super hard for the end goal makes it all worth it.”

“My best memories are taking trips to Dari Fair like everyday, with the team,” said Challberg, “putting on the number 13 every game, and, also, my first homerun are memories I won’t forget.”

Ward added, “I met most of my best friends playing sports and it was always laughs and fun with my brothers.”

Cates had an interesting take on the best memories.

“A PR is always nice, but the unexpected ones are always the best,” Cates said, “One time Paola Amezquita and I found a lost dog while running, and instead of running we found the dog’s home.”

As seniors they all have some advice for the younger student-athletes, and also have some things they wish they could change.

“I sometimes wish I changed my teammates mentality because when you’re a senior like me you realize your days are numbered and you cherish the game,” said Challberg, “always work for what you want, and learn from defeat and grow.”

“If you really enjoy the sport, and want to play at the next level, push yourself because you get out what you put in,” said Ward, “I wish I would’ve gotten more serious earlier than I did about being the best athlete I could be.”

Cates added, “don’t skip class, don’t skip reps, also make sure your last set is your best set,” said Cates, “the most important thing have fun, coming back this year was a real eye-opener for me, because if you don’t enjoy it you won’t succeed and I realized that.”

“If there was one thing I could change it would be to appreciate everything,” said Kreil, “If it’s negative grow from it, and if it’s positive know your hard work is paying off.”

The spring sport season is coming to an end, as sectionals are beginning

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