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Senior Spotlight: Jon Rogers

From sports to academic teams, Jon Rogers has done it all at Mishawaka High School. He has demonstrated remarkable commitment to numerous extracurriculars, including three years of swimming and the National Art Honor Society, and two years of Quiz Bowl and the National Honor Society. Notably, Rogers is a four-year member of the track, cross country, and Academic Super Bowl teams.

Rogers shared that he is most proud of his “four and three year awards…because those were like long time commitments.” It comes as no surprise that two of his coaches, Coach Kov and Coach Shaw, were important to Rogers during his high school career. Outside of sports, Rogers felt well-supported by, “Ms. Bepe with Beyond the Cave and [having her as] my advisory teacher for the past four years.”

Rogers’ high school career was affected by the pandemic, which he felt, “made me mature a lot faster and do my work.” He also felt that the past four years flew by, and that he would tell his freshman self to “enjoy high school cause it’s over really fast.” Rogers reflected that during high school, he “liked all of my friends I’ve met,“ but “disliked a lot of the changing environments” that high school had to offer. He urged underclassmen to, “do as much as possible now because you won’t be able to later.”

Rogers will continue his education at IU Bloomington and plans to become a teacher. He is unsure of how he will deal with “not having a set schedule,” but is looking forward to “being able to sleep in” during college. With graduation quickly approaching, Rogers shared that he wants Mishawaka High School to remember him as “smart and hardworking.”

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