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Senior Standout Joins Prestigious Company

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

January 8, the Lady Cavemen went up against the Lady Knights of Marian High School, winning 44-35. This was a huge conference win for the team! Besides that, as we get closer to February each game will be in preparation for the basketball tournament next month.

One of the coaches for the Girls’ Basketball Team is Alicia Harkins, science teacher here at Mishawaka. She said she is always proud of the team when they win, no matter what. However, she did said that the team could improved. “Our team played ok, but we can always play better. Perhaps as coaches, we tend to see more of what we can improve on than what we HAVE already… but a conference win is ALWAYS good!”

Victory against Marian wasn’t the only positive thing to come out of the night; senior Lauren Grewe hit a giant milestone in her career here at MHS. Grewe joined “The 1,000 Point Club”- this is a huge deal for Lauren and the basketball program here at Mishawaka. Only a select number of individuals get the opportunity to achieve what Lauren has. As for the successful game on Friday, she states, “We all stuck together to get the job done. When Marian started to make a run we would stick together and go on a bigger run.”

Congratulations to Lauren Grewe and the Lady Cavemen! Go support the girls at their next two games on January 14, at Jimtown, and January 19, at Goshen.

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