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Senior Theater Members Bid Farewell to MHS

Jonah JoJo-Hughes, Michael Day, and Dylan Barnett after Beauty and The Beast

As Shakespeare once wrote, “parting is such sweet sorrow.” As the school year comes to a close, Mishawaka High School senior theater members must hang up their costumes and look to the future. These seniors have worked hard and spent the year soaking up their last moments on the MHS stage.

Geneva Denny-Moore was the president of the MHS Thespian Society and was an actress in many productions. “The last play was bittersweet. I’m sad that it was my last show and my last performance on that stage, but I’m excited to move on to bigger and better things,” said Denny-Moore. Denny-Moore had an ultimately positive experience throughout her time with the MHS troope. “We always had our ups and downs, but we always come out of it in the end with a wonderful show,” said Denny-Moore.

Before a performance, Denny-Moore always had some feelings of nervousness “First, I feel very nauseous. Then, I have the feeling I need to sprint to the bathroom. Lastly, I forget all my lines and the words to my songs and the dance moves, but as soon as I go on stage, the fear melts away. As a senior, I want to make every show amazing, no matter how big or small the role,” said Denny-Moore. Denny-Moore has an interest in continuing her involvement in theater in college.

Dylan Barnett was in stage crew for two years. His first play was Little Shops Of Horror. “Theater has been the only place I feel like I should be,” said Barnett. Dylan also expressed positive sentiments about this theater involvement. ““Theater has been the only place I feel like I should be. It’s incredibly sad that this is my last year,” said Barnett. Dylan would like to go to college to study psychiatry.

Cassidy Parks was an actress in the MHS theater. For Parks, theater has been a huge part of her high school career. ““It’s so upsetting that it’s my last time being on the Mishawaka stage, but I loved every second on it. I’ve had my ups and downs, but when I think about theater I think about the good parts,” said Parks. When Parks was on stage, she thought about her parents. “They are my biggest supporters and I love making them proud, so when I’m on stage, I think about them,” said Parks. After graduation, Parks plans to continue her acting at South Bend Civic Theater.

Michael Day’s MHS theater career debuted in James and the Giant Peach. This year, he played the lead of Lumiere in MHS Theater’s rendition of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. “It feels like yesterday when I was dressed as a worm and there I was, my last show, dressed as a candle,” said Day. According to Day, the last year was bittersweet. Day feels as if he had to leave a part of his family behind. “There have been ups and downs. We’ve all bickered from time to time, but, just like in a real family, you fight and then makeup,” said Day.

Looking back, Day wouldn’t trade his theater day, or the people in it with him, for anything in the world. “I found myself thinking ‘this is my last time on this stage’ which made me want to keep going and going, to do more,” said Day.

After graduation, Day plans to pursue at Second City in Chicago. He plans to audition for Saturday Night Live after Second City. Day’s fall back plan is to study law.

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